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We see where we want to go and just start moving. Especially when first starting out, we try to find a way to knock it all out in one-fell-swoop – be everything to everyone. Ever feel exhausted? Feel like there isn’t any traction? Always “on” instead of taking time off? We gain an inch only to slide back a mile? We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and quite frankly, it puts our backs up against the wall. In reality, it’s probably our nose that’s touching the wall - we’re too close to it and everything has become a blur. 

Sometimes we try to take the short route by making our business look like a business without actually doing the important work. We hand out cards, network, but we really don’t have any systems and processes in place. Entrepreneurs go into debt to create the “look” of a successful business…. but they didn’t engage in building the STEPS and wondered why it’s not working. I call this the “Dumb-Waiter Effect” because we’re trying to force the business by hauling everything where we want it to be instead of actually growing it from the foundation-up.

Mindset Trumps Strategy

The one thing we control is how we think. Mindset is the internal story we tell ourselves that impacts our decision-making and how we take action. In short, mindset trumps strategy. We can have the best laid out plan but if our internal story is not aligned with it then I’ll say it again: Mindset trumps strategy. You might want to write that down. Mindset trumps strategy.

Let me help you step back and write the story that best fits your business goals so you can step up and do the work you need to do to arrive at your desired destination!

This program is for Independent Agents and Women Solo-preneurs who are committed to

  • Creating an intentional mindset for the work you are doing
  • Eradicating entrepreneurial poverty from your business
  • Being the Master of your time rather than the Servant
  • Clearing self sabotaging behaviors and beliefs
  • Committing to accountability, action, and achievement
  • Driving results through mind-shift action
  • Learning the language of your tribe
  • Creating customized support
  • Digging deep with Courage + Grit to build quality processes
  • Practicing personal mastery to brand your personal performance

Your Benefits:

Clients leave feeling more...

  • Courageous than fearful
  • Confident and clear on how they run their business
  • Authentic for having identified and implemented their natural strengths and cadence
  • Equipped for building foundational steps towards their success
  • Empowered with boundaries and beliefs that have been fortified for making decisions
  • Invested in creating a self-sustaining, income generating business lifestyle
  • Aligned with their deepest values and priorities
  • Capable of setting their sights high and achieve what they thought was not possible
  • Successful for the work and growth they have experienced personally and professionally


  • Three 1-hour sessions per month
  • Phone, text, email coaching support in between visits, not to exceed 30 minutes per month
  • Initial assessment of systems and processes currently used in personal life and business
  • Identifying and establishing personal life and business goals
  • Monthly sessions will include action items and accountability tasks for moving towards short-term and long-term goals
  • $488/month for a 6-month commitment

I have been working with Janet for almost a year now. It is the absolute best thing I could've done for my business. When I signed on with her 5 months after starting a new career, I felt lost and unsure of what direction I was heading. Within 2 months of working with her, I knew exactly where I was going and what I wanted to be known for. I now have a strong brand that attracts my ideal clients and reflects exactly who I am. She holds me accountable to these seemingly impossible goals I set, helps me figure out how to get there, and, I always achieve them! People have asked me how I was Current Class Leader and made Executive Council in my first year, and I always say "it's my accountability coach - Janet!" Thanks to Janet, I love what I do and am super motivated to keep going.

- Ann

Mindset Trumps Strategy

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