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It’s not about being perfect; it’s about perfecting the practice!

The most important relationship you can have in life... or in business... is the one you have with yourself. And what I mean by that is, “What’s the internal story that is the backdrop of your decision-making and actions?” As an entrepreneur, this story might be the very thing that is getting in your way.

Welcome to the MBodi3 program, pronounced “embody-three”. I want you to embody all of who you came here to be so you can do what you do best.

I am your tough-love coach, accountability partner, and advocate as you discover and develop a plan for fulfilling your life’s work. We are a team, accomplishing more together than alone, bringing your vision of what’s “bigger” than you to fruition.

The Three Tenets of My Coaching Are...


Mindset is the current reality from which your mind engages, thinks, directs actions and makes decisions whether flawed or accurate.


Momentum is the measurable ramping progress towards your target destinations. (Scalable and strategic)


Mastery is taking your strengths, customized systems and life’s work and bringing them into your natural cadence of practice, not expecting perfection, instead perfecting the practice of them.

Are You Ready?

I am honored to work with my clients as their personal performance strategist. I believe each person possesses gifts and strengths that offer a unique contribution to the world. It’s learning your style, cadence and language of your target audience so that you can be your most authentic self and deliver to your most authentic tribe. Once you know who your tribe is; it’s easier to set qualifiers and boundaries for what you do best.

I believe you know what is best for you at the gut-level, that you have a Master-Goddess within as an internal compass. The question is whether you are listening to your gut and honoring your truth.

If you’re ready to embody all you came here to be so you can deliver your life’s work; schedule a complimentary consult today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Step-in to Change

Personal performance is not about being perfect. It's about perfecting the practice. Discover how you can perform at your best with a 5-star impact. Simply fill out the sign up form to get the 'Step-in to Change' exercise sent right into your inbox. 

It was a relief to work with Janet. I looked forward to every single session with her because I knew I would come away with so much information, things to contemplate, action items. Janet is completely confidential, non-judgmental, totally trustworthy, helpful to the nth degree. I felt 100% supported and cared for. Janet’s blend of tangible help + spirituality made me feel as if she is in touch with the world as we know it physically but also a higher level of understanding of life. At any one time, Janet is a teacher, a psychologist, a mentor, a spiritual leader, a therapist, a businesswoman, a mother, a person who cares about others. It is rare to find a blend of characteristics in one person that embodies someone most of us want to be. I found that blend in Janet.

- Janice

It Is Worth It

Being an entrepreneur takes courage and grit…AND… it.. is.. a BLAST! You get to do what you do best while generating income! WooHoo! The CHALLENGE is to stay out of your own way… Out of your own way, you ask? Yep! I’m talking about over analyzing things, trying to make it perfect or BE perfect which slows everything down. The flip side is you’re trying to move too fast by taking short cuts, skipping steps and wondering why you can’t get any traction in your business. If a person could listen-in on the story you’re telling yourself…what would they hear? Yikes! I get it... I did it... I changed it.

So many times, we put unbelievable pressure on ourselves to do it right the first time. We put our backs up against the wall. Definitely not a great place to make decisions from. And let’s be honest, it’s not your back that’s against the wall; it’s your nose. You’re too close to it and everything is a blur. Let me show you how to step back and step up into your business. 

I’m going to tell you right now, the work isn’t easy; it’s POWERFUL, it’s NECESSARY, and it’s WORTH IT!

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