Letters to the Entrepreneur

My Dear Entrepreneur Friend,

Have you ever had those moments where you feel cynical about people or life because of what you have experienced personally? Or maybe you’re doubting what you believe because of what others have told you, and you just don’t know what the truth is. What if what you believe is so big that you cannot ignore what you feel inside. You need to know the truth, and so you start searching. How can I find my answer, how can I find what is true for me?

Let me tell you about an eight-year-old little girl named Virginia O’Hanlon (1889-1971) She wrote a letter to the editor of The Sun, a New York City newspaper at the time of her writing, to find out if there truly was a Santa Claus. Her friends were telling her there wasn’t and so she set out to find the truth. She went to her Papa. He told her that if you saw it in The Sun, then she’d know it was true. So, she sent her letter to the newspaper asking the very important question,...

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