Beautifully Lost Focus

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2022

My granddaughter, Liala, brought her little sister Maddie into the house because she was hungry. Liala loves crafts and cooking, so I thought it was sweet of her to do this for her little sister. I was snuggling with Maddie as she waited for her snack.

After a while, I realized Maddie had fallen asleep. I inquired to Liala where she was in making the snack because her sister had now fallen asleep. She responded with “Oh! I forgot. I was busy making THIS grandma.” She brought over the most beautifully designed edible creation. She had remnants of food on the counter of her time spent creating. What started out as getting a snack for her sister, became creative design time. She lost focus on her hungry sister.

I stared at that beautiful plate and thought to myself. I do this, I get so focused on the creativity of my work that, at times, I forget to pay attention to the fact that others might be waiting for me. My focus gets lost on me, my creative experience, instead of focusing on my purpose. Liala’s purpose was to feed her hungry sister a snack. She got started, had an idea, and then soon found that she had totally forgotten about her sister. Luckily, this was about a snack; not about a product or service.

Liala was able to gently wake Maddie up and take her to the table where she enjoyed her snack with pure joy. Liala even added some cut cherry tomatoes to her creation adding more to enjoy and value! Beautiful!

I LOVE Liala’s intention, she just forgot the purpose. Feed her HUNGRY sister. This is such a GREAT reminder for me as I work on the growth and expansion of my own business. My intention is to create services and products that feeds my customers and clients. I have to remember not to get lost in focus by going to deep into creativity and self-expression. There can be a fine line there for business, when your productivity tips over into busy work that leaves opportunities waiting.

I will bet you that Liala had this plate done much sooner than realized, she just may have been going back over it again and again as she played with the fruit on the counter and cutting board. I love her passion to serve and help others; it will serve her well in life. She is a great teacher that way. She just served me a great lesson. Get the ingredients, lay it out, and most importantly - remember the purpose of the work so it is served at an optimal time.

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” ~Unknown

Who knew that a plate of fruit would come forward to ask me if I was losing focus on the purpose of my business growth because I might be getting lost in making it look pretty.

Remind yourself to say focused so you can feed your clients,

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