Which is it? Love or Hate?

We have an interesting relationship with MONEY. Some people love money, some hate it, and some are indifferent about it. What you need to understand is the type of relationship you have with your own money. I want you to think about how you relate or don’t relate to money. An exercise I have clients, workshop participants, and even at speaking engagement audiences participate in is called the “Money Person”. If you have a moment, get out a piece a paper and respond to these questions. If your money was a PERSON, how would you describe that person? What are their characteristics? Traits? Behaviors? How do they treat you? How do they make you feel? Do they interfere with your goals and passions? Do they support you? Smoosh you? Enable you? Threaten you? Would you want your best friend to meet this person? What else can you say about this person? Go ahead. Take about 3 minutes to write this down.

What I have found over the years is that this exercise is very telling of a person’s mindset and where the power of money lies within or outside of themselves. I’ve had people come up with some huge A-HA moments from this exercise. I’ve seen alcoholic parents show up, abusive spouses, fair-weathered traits, and even elusive personalities come up. This activity has brought up great awareness as well of tears. As people describe who their “money person” is - they realize that the power has typically landed outside of them and is DICTATING their money decisions.

Even as I grow my own business and focus on a new income target, I need to review my own money person and make sure they are progressing at the same level that I am. They have to get the promotion to have higher responsibilities and more.

So what happens if your money person is not working for you and is, instead, working against you? FIRE them. I had one participant at an event say, that would be like eliminating a part of themselves. I responded with, no, you’re eliminating beliefs that are NOT yours and aligning to what you truly believe. This is where you write a title and job description for your money person so you are clearly defining how you want YOUR money to work for you. Just like when you think about interviewing and hiring a financial planner; what qualifiers do they need to fulfill?

We don’t teach money MINDSET in schools or grow up learning to be in charge of our personal economy. Sure, we grow up knowing we need to get a job BUT what are we to do when we get the paycheck? So many people AND businesses live check to check because we’re focused on earning the money but not about optimizing the money.

What if identifying the thoughts you have around money helps empower you to be in charge of your personal economy? What if you love and take care of your money as if it were your tough love best friend who wants the very best success for you?

“Money speaks the language of your mindset!” ~Aryan Chaudhary

Start noticing how you think about money, appreciate what you have, and take care of it. You will start to see things start to change depending on your thoughts about money. Learn to love money in a way that empowers you to be who you came here to be and to serve others for their highest good.

Build your personal economy by having a great relationship with your money.

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