Timing Has Its Own Rules

navigating life Jan 17, 2022

Timing Has It’s Own Rules

January 17, 2022

Timing is TRULY about listening. We can have the best laid out plans but one thing I tell myself and my clients is that mindset trumps strategy. However, the other key piece that impacts timing is to know what we really NEED deep down. I had plans to launch a newly adjusted offering at the start of this January - and what I have found instead is an internal wall.

I could see the offerings, I had follow up calls from my speaking engagements, amazing gatherings and yet, completing the work has been much more challenging for me than I ever expected. Part of me was deeply FRUSTRATED with myself and the other part of me was overwhelmed and tired. To be honest; I didn’t want to do it. Resistance had not only come up; it was playing a big part in my procrastination. If you’ll recall, I talked about resistance and procrastination in my blog about Dropping Chicken Feathers. I put my Courage Plan in place and moved into the Observation part of the plan. I couldn’t see it and yet was fascinated on how “stuck” I was and am feeling. So, I shared my struggles with people in my SUPPORT CREW. They helped me realize that it’s not that I can’t get this done; it’s that my HEART is somewhere else. My heart needs TIME…time to grieve.

I was trying to push through the resistance and wasn’t really listening to what I needed. That’s why observation and talking with your support crew can help you find your way. It helps locate the blindspots.

I am now honoring my heart and allowing myself time to grieve. I still feel a little angst about not getting things done and feeling “behind” in time. However, if I don’t allow myself this time, what quality of work will I accomplish if I’m not fully present?

My dad passed away December 11, 2020 from COVID and because we were in a pandemic I wasn’t been able to visit my dad in the nursing home since the start of COVID-19. I could only call him which just isn’t the same for me. When I got the call that my dad’s health had quickly shifted; my brothers and I could not physically be with him due to all the pandemic restrictions. Luckily a very hard working and compassionate nurse made it possible for us to talk to our dad. The TIMING had been just right - a MIRACLE really - because they were so understaffed with everything going on. I was able to conference my two brothers in on my phone to connect with the nurse that was standing by. She held the phone to my dad’s ear and confirmed he was hearing us and gently nodding his head. The next morning he passed away, I wasn’t ready. I was completely devastated. I believe there are times we THINK we’re ready but when it actually happens our HEARTS tell us differently….timing has its own rules.

My heart has been trying to tell me to pause and take a break. This past December was the first anniversary of his transition and it has hit me harder than I was expecting. My heart has needed time to go into a cave and just BE….to grieve….to miss my dad….to cry. As I ALLOW myself this TIME, I am LISTENING to what I really need and to feed my SOUL. I am getting things done that support my heart. I am being nourished.

As an entrepreneur, we wear a lot of hats, and sometimes we become blind to what we need. So, when you feel resistance or procrastination, follow your courage plan by going into observation and speak to your support crew about what’s happening and how you’re feeling. Let them help you and also help identify any blindspots because timing IS everything and so is PATIENCE. Learning to listen requires patience in order to feed your heart so your mind can align to what is needed. Alignment will move you back into flow.
I didn’t launch at the time I shared with prospective clients that I would. However, honesty is my best choice. Knowing that I am modeling what I want and need and doing the same in supporting my clients is the best practice. I am learning to be vulnerable, to have patience with myself, and to BE.

“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing" it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.”
― Fulton J. Sheen   

I will forever and always be a daddy’s girl. DAD, I miss you more than words could ever express. I love you Dad.


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