Gains Made through Accountability

I wish I was that person who could get everything DONE on my own and that was that. However, when I am focused on growth, I tend to let myself off the "hook". Growth is always in UNFAMILIAR territory and that's where resistance comes up.

Here’s what NOT having an accountability partner has done. My book is still not written and it has been years! My wealth building isn’t where I want it to be. These two things, alone, have COST me! Now, let’s look at how INCORPORATING accountability partners has helped me personally and professionally. I grew my coaching business to a FULL clientele. I wrote my coaching program and got it trademarked. Yay! The GAINS have meant so much more and it cuts my time in half if not more!

I like an accountability partner who is helping me stay on track for a specific project. They know what I want to achieve and the measured actions to track within a designated time frame. We also meet regularly.

I have also used BETA groups to launch projects. I would never have gotten my online content complete if I had not incorporated a beta-test group. It is KEY that you put the right people in place who bring the wisdom, support, and commitment that you need for your project. Here’s an outline of what that can look like:

  • SHARE with people what you’re working on and that you’re looking for people interested in being a part of the “beta” or “pilot” group.
  • DISCUSS what participating in the beta-test group looks like, the commitment you’re asking for, the length of time for the group and other pertinent details.
  • QUALIFY the individuals who are committed to your success and will show up for what you  need.
  • AGREEMENTS should be confirmed and signed between you and each participant to ensure commitment of tasks, confidentiality, the benefits they will receive for participating, as well as their promise to deliver the specific feedback you are looking for.  
  • COMMUNICATE outlines, scheduled meetings, agendas, and zoom links so you stay organized and structured for each beta meeting. 
  • GIVE gratitude at the each meeting and especially at the closing meeting. Also give them a reminder of the length of time the benefits will remain available to them.
  • CELEBRATE by acknowledging the work you have done, with the support of accountability to grow your business! Also, keep your group informed once you launch the product because they were there to support you and will cheer your success.

I believe the reason why people quit on their goals is because they haven’t shared it with anyone and there are no real consequences if they don’t take action. When you have an accountability partner, you’re both investing TIME that is highly valuable. Honor the value by keeping it structured

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the results.” ~Bob Proctor

What if accountability moves your business growth faster together than doing it alone?
Be accountable,

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