Anger has never felt safe to me. I’m like a turtle - a MOTHER turtle actually. I am even paced, steadily progress, and am very foundational in how I help others. I carry my “safety” with me so I can retreat quickly if there is a threat.

People have always told me that I am such a calm, peaceful person. And I am. However, as I moved into the more intuitive world, I would have psychics and Intuitives tell me that I had a lot of rage in me. This didn’t just happen once; it happened multiple times. I was always confused by this. I thought, where is THIS rage they’re talking about? I’m calm! (Damn it!!!) Hmmmmm.

As I heal my own trauma, anger has been showing up. A-ha, there it is! I am learning to UNPACK my vault of anger. I’m learning that NOT ALL anger is bad or dangerous. I am learning that it is okay for me to EXPRESS my anger and know I’m still be loved. I am learning to break my own silence.

When I’m really angry, I write or type it out. I am “dumping” it as quickly as I can…VENTING. I am in more of a space of RESPONSE than of reaction. Healthy anger is learning to be ASSERTIVE; not aggressive.

So let’s look at the lion, there’s no question that it gives a presence to be seen and heard. I’m learning that it’s okay for the other person to feel UNCOMFORTABLE. I don’t need to tend to their discomfort and forget about me. Being uncomfortable with people being uncomfortable can keep us silent. What if we don’t stay silent? What if there is power in expressing anger? What if it brings changes and solutions by learning to speak our truth? What if we learn how to express anger that helps us build together rather than separates us.

We’re all human - and we’re going to get angry. The anger we hold in our bodies is brewing as an undercurrent because it has no where to go. I believe having options to safely and physically release anger is FREEING. The physicality of walking, running, jumping, tearing up paper or throwing a ball against a wall can give more value than words. Find something you can safely punch - like a pillow. Or scream into it. A wise friend shared how they grab ice and go outside to shatter it all on the ground. In some cities, there might actually be “angry rooms” where you can go and safely destroy things. The important things is to SAFELY release the anger. Not to destroy. Destructive anger destroys people and lives. Anger is so powerful when it GALVANIZES who we came here to be and release the rest.

"My healthy expression of anger galvanizes who I AM and allows me to release what does not serve me.”

Speak your truth, my friend, and if you need to - ROAR!

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