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Who is this Consultation for?

This consultation is for Independent Agents* looking to

  • Get out of their own way
  • Identify and engage their unique strengths
  • Drive results through mind-shift action
  • Stand Out in order to gain new clients
  • Commit to Accountability, Action, and Achievement
  • Track measurable momentum
  • Face challenges + Dismantle Fears
  • Create customized support
  • Dig deep with Courage + Grit to build quality processes

The individual who has the commitment and capacity to implement the necessary steps in building their book of business by positioning their unique strengths, cadence, and practices for what they do best personally and professionally.

* Independent Agents in the Insurance, Real Estate and Direct Sales Industries


Leave with a sense of clarity for where you currently are, how you might be getting in your own way and the journey this work might take us on together. Understand the value of creating and aligning your mindset, tracking your measurable actions and achieving your goal destinations by establishing an uncompromising commitment to your business lifestyle.


Here’s what a Consultation looks like. We’ll take about 45-50 minutes to chat together, either by phone or video call**, to discuss the following:

  • Getting to know you: Your passion and the business lifestyle you want to establish
  • Money Mindset
  • Challenges or Barriers you’re facing
  • Mini-coaching session

Q+A to provide additional information in order to make a decision.

**A Zoom Link will be provided once your scheduled appointment is confirmed.

Follow-Up Steps:

  1. You and I determine an end date that I follow up with you on to find out your decision about working with me as your coach.
  2. If you say yes, you receive the Contract, Welcome Packet, and we get you on my schedule.
  3. If no, I thank you for the opportunity to share my life’s work in connecting entrepreneurs to their personal performance and business lifestyle.

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