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My passion for mentoring and coaching others is driven by the freedom I experience when I am anchored in my truth. When I am defining who I am rather than letting others define me. I felt trapped in my life and it wasn’t until I started changing the internal stories, my mindset, that I started gaining ground towards freedom. I believe everyone has an internal compass, the difference is whether the compass is guided by lies or truths. The stories we tell ourselves are the stories we live. In your mind, you may have some gatekeepers. Let’s look at breaking through them so you can get to the next level.  

The work isn’t easy; it’s powerful and I can attest to both. I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life. Working as a Sign Language Interpreter in the school system was one of the highlights in my life. I not only loved the work, I also deeply enjoyed mentoring student interns who were working towards fulfilling their final requirements for graduation. The mentoring achieved in this job helped me become a better interpreter, help others, and build programs that took our profession to the next level in recognition and in pay.

My hardest work and ultimately the most powerful work to date that I offer came from a very traumatic time in my family’s life. It was when my husband and I found out one of our children had been a victim of sexual abuse. It devastated us and took us off our feet. I got lost in the storm. I kept trying to get back on my feet and would get knocked over again and again. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to stand where I landed and just focus on building the next step. It was through mind-shift action that my healing began. It is this same mindset work that I bring to my clients. You don’t have to suffer a trauma to get in your own way. That’s why I’m passionate about helping people get out of their own way; it a mindset thing. I’ve helped clients reach goals that seemed too big or too far away. We just needed to shift the mindset and align the actions.


What Story are you Telling Yourself in your Mind?

Life delivered the unexpected to my family and we each triumphed it individually and collectively. I have a deep love for my husband, children and grandchildren and the traditions and times we spend together. I love entertaining and cooking meals that bring great conversation among family and friends. I love being a Denver native who now lives on the beautiful western slope surrounded by the natural beauty of the Grand Valley.

I understand what it means to trip, stumble, fall and get knocked off your feet. I also know the power of learning how to get back up on your feet, to create an intentional mindset, measurable momentum and practice personal mastery. It’s what helps you embody all of who you came here to be. I am your tough love coach, accountability partner, customized support and personal performance strategist. And if needed, I help you learn how to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

Janet Redford is a powerful force. She ignites audiences with her heartfelt and humorous delivery with direct, pin-pointed approaches to instill action and results.

Janet is a true expert in her field, making positive and life-changing impact.  

- Kimberly Alexander, Founder of KA Inc Academy


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