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  1. If you could look forward 12 months from now, what are the absolute top 3 goals you want to have achieved?
  2. Do you have a clear philosophy, vision and/or mission statement for your life &/or business?
    1. If yes, what is it?
    2. If no, what do you consider to be the role/purpose of your business in the world?
  3. What life experiences [good + bad] got you to your life today?
  4. Why did you choose to be in the business that you’re in?

Janet spoke at the South Metro Chamber Women in Business meeting this morning and she was AMAZING! No one every really enjoys talking about or hearing about money/struggles, but she delivered a fantastic message in a motivational, non-scary way! I am ready to take on my bills and budget in a whole new mindset after hearing her this morning! Thank you, Janet!

- Kristy H.


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