The Ripple Effect of Giving

Identify why you are working so hard and what you will give back to the world. 

The Ripple Effect

My friend, Heather, told me a story about going through a drive through to pick up breakfast. When she got to the window to pay, she learned that the car in front of her had paid for her order. So, my friend wanted to pay it forward by paying for the car behind her. She said the clerk got teary-eyed and said that this is now the 20th car in a row to do this. I call this the Ripple Effect. We hear about these stories and are moved by them.


Create Prosperity

I was personally moved to tears when my daughter called to share a story with me. She was shopping at a store with her four children, when an older couple came up to the checkout counter and asked to pay for her bill. She was stunned. They said they understood what it was like to be a young parent and the struggles of having a big family. They wanted to treat her and her children because they were beyond those days of struggle and could help someone else. That act of kindness and generosity hit deep into both our hearts.

When we give to give, we create an impact that reaches far beyond where we began. Where do you want to create a ripple effect?

Money is energy, giving is energy – when we combine both – we create prosperity. I know for myself, I want to create a plan that helps me give to give. Will you join me?

I began utilizing Janet Redford as my Personal Performance Strategist in the Fall of 2017. We began by working through blocks that were inhibiting me from living my best life and achieving my goals. There’s a saying that someone can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves, and Janet has an amazing gift at meeting her clients in very deep places. Through our work, we have shifted some deeply held subconscious beliefs that were out of alignment with my goals and completely inhibiting me from attaining them.  I trust that I can be my truest self with Janet, working through areas that I’d normally fear encountering shame or judgment from others.  She has a deep love for her clients and the work done.  Whether you’re looking for help in moving through blocks from your past, figuring out daily habits that will help you achieve your goals or developing a winning mindset to help you move from surviving to thriving, Janet is a rockstar. With her coaching, she’ll meet you where you’re at to help you get to where you’re going.  

- Stephanie

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