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Many business owners understand and know their industry expertise whether they are artists, speakers, photographers, realtors, insurance agents, retail store owners or another service professional. This does not mean they know how to manage their cash flow or know how to keep a pulse on their business financially. Typically, business owners wait until tax time to learn whether they are in the red and/or how much money they owe the IRS. Many times business owners do not pay themselves – so they’re financially stressed at work and at home. That’s about to change – and it starts with their money mindset followed up by a simple strategy that puts them in control of how they manage their money from the very next deposit’s life changing and will change your business in how you qualify expenses. Entrepreneurs are learning to live the Profit First Lifestyle!

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The Profit First Methodology

The purpose of learning the Profit First methodology is to help eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and give business owners a process for creating a financially healthy business practice. A healthy business community equals a healthy community - period! We are the ones who help support the local schools, nonprofits and more. We are the fabric of the community and we need to be healthy and strong, so we can help support our community as our community helps and supports our businesses.


Specific Outcomes

By the end of working with a Profit First Professional, clients who choose to follow and practice the process will:

  1. Be able to understand the importance of keeping a financial pulse on the health of their business,
  2. Experience a shift in their money mindset for their life and business,
  3. Understand and know how to follow the Profit First Methodology for accounting for business funds,
  4. Be able to set up consistent actions that will begin to improve the financial health of their business starting with their very next deposit,
  5. Be able to identify what areas of their business need tweaking in order to secure the financial health of their company

The Benefits of Working with a Profit First Professional:

  1. You have someone by your side walking you through it, checking in and holding you accountable. That is the biggest key. I won’t let you off the hook. When we do it by ourselves, we let ourselves off the hook once life + business starts getting in the way. You can’t afford to let things get in the way of becoming a healthy, self-sustaining, income generating business. This is what will feed your life. As they say, “cash is king”
  2. I am an expert in the Profit First method of cash flow management and the creator of this methodology, Mike Michalowicz, backs me. I focus on you, so you can focus on your business!
  3. Profit in a business is just as important as the heart is to the body. The heart has 4 specific chambers [and veins, etc.] for pumping the flow of blood in order to keep the heart and body healthy. So it makes sense that Profit First compartmentalizes business income to pump the flow of cash in a way that keeps you and the business fiscally healthy. I’m your Heart cardiologist. I’m here to do a check-up and help either get your business healthy, do the exercises needed to prevent serious blockage or weakness and to thrive. Our goal is for you to gain health or to prevent your business from losing its health as you grow. As they say, if you lose your health, personally, you risk losing everything.
  4. You will gain a better understanding of how to work with your finances, so you don’t risk losing what you’ve worked so hard for.

We have our business back!!! Whoopee!! And I am now actually using Profit First and sticking to it! No more guesswork! 

Top three benefits: Help. Understanding. Expertise.

A very affirming exercise. No condemnation for past mistakes. Only a positive outlook for the future. Janet's grace and compassion while remaining firm to her vision and purpose and helping us get there - in our own time. Most important for a slow-poke like me! Thank you Janet!!!!


I first connected with Janet to help me get my business finances in order. She quickly understood where I was coming from, helped me untangle my finances, and provide a framework and strategy for my financials that works for me.

Next, we tackled my products. She helped me understand what products were making me money (based on cost and time) and which were draining my business. She quickly helped me organize my products. This helped me understand which projects to say yes to and, more importantly, which projects to say no to.

As we've continued coaching she's helped in many other areas (clients, products and programs, and more). If you're looking for someone who coaches with a listening ear, proven strategies, and accountability Janet is the coach for you.

 - Mike Ruman

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Sign up here to receive the first 5 chapters of Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Then ask yourself if you're ready to power up your life and business with Profit First. I'm offering a 5-Week group coaching program that includes 5 consecutive weeks of group calls, a Bonus Quarterly call, and access to me via email during the entire process. I want you to get a strong footing for practicing financial health and optimizing the practice of Profit First.

The purpose of Profit First is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and to give you the tools for creating a financially healthy life and business!

I help clients master their purpose and their prosperity by eradicating poverty of the mind, heart and pocketbook. What if this is your game-changer?! What if you have peace of mind when it comes to your finances? What if you not only know your numbers but you own them when it comes to decision-making? What if this helps you map out where you want to go and have the confidence to make growth decisions?

Contact me to find out the next group launch program coming in Summer of 2023.

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