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Janet Redford is a Personal Performance + Profit Strategist. She helps women solo-preneurs master their purpose and prosperity by eradicating entrepreneurial poverty of the mind, heart and pocketbook by driving results through mind-shift action. Her clients focus on creating intentional mindset, strategizing measurable momentum, and practicing personal mastery that delivers authentic 5-Star delivery in what they do best personally and professionally.

Janet helps her clients realize that it’s not about being perfect; it’s about perfecting the practice through a growth mindset. With Janet’s help, clients identify their success formula and integrate them into steps for achieving goals again and again.

Janet is helping eradicate entrepreneurial poverty with the Profit First methodology. She’s helping clients understand the importance of establishing a relationship and intentional practice with their income and budget so they can live a Profit First Lifestyle. It’s your business, shouldn’t your profits come first?

Janet is a Denver Native living in the beautiful grand valley of Grand Junction four hours west of Denver. She is happily married and loves spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren!

Janet lights up the stage! She is an amazing storyteller and will make you laugh, make you cry and keep you at the edge of your seat. She makes you realize you can fulfill your life’s purpose and honor what’s inside of you so you can live your BEST life! She shares and educates with passion, humor and direct action.

- Amy Johnson

Speaking Topics

Perfect Practice

The stories we tell ourselves are the stories we live. If you can’t picture yourself owning, growing and living the life and business you desire than what chance do you have? It’s time to start telling the right story and aligning your mindset, momentum and personal mastery to your most authentic self. Become the author of your business lifestyle story.

Key Learning: Identify sabotaging beliefs and how they come from the stories we tell ourselves. Learn to recognize when you’re not the author of your story. Reinforce your strengths, align your actions with your natural cadence and commit to driving your results through perfecting the practice.


Money Mindset

You have two commodities: You + Time. How you think about money; or not, is the very place you are making decisions from. The better understanding you have about your relationship with money will determine whether you are investing or costing your life or business. What money story are you telling?

Key Learning: How we define our relationship with money has the strong ability to impact our decision making when it comes to spending or receiving money in life and in business. Learn how your beliefs around money can impact YOU!


I loved watching Janet on the big stage!  Her talk moved me to tears, gave me goose bumps AND cracked me up.  What I love about Janet is how she breaks the traditional speaker’s mold.  She can teach without it feeling preachy or boring.  Any group would benefit from Janet’s expertise and engaging delivery from stage.

- Amy Westbrook, Success Coach and Money Expert

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